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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The chapel

Today is Sunday and I have Chapel duty. Today is the most busy day of my week. Yesterday I was at a birthday party for a one year old named Connor, and his mom Brenda said to me, "I can't imagine anything going on at church that could be work." "What do you do on Sundays?" To which I replied, "I count money." I didn't have the energy to explain what happens on Sundays nor did I think it was interesting enough to get into. I have to be the first one at the Chapel at 0700 in the mooring which is a feat in itself for most people. I accomplish quite a bit until 2pm when I am done. It is incredible how many people approach you and ask you questions. Today we ran out of pens for the protestant ushers and they asked me to find more, the catholic choir director wanted me to find a microphone chord she had lost, and a man came in and wanted me to give him street by street directions to another chapel in the middle of my counting one of the offerings, and the micropone needed a new battery. The message in the first service was about how Jesus walked on water and how we have no faith. The second service was about how the Catholic church is against abortion, stem cell research, euthanasia, and preemitive war. It was interesting to see a chaplain who is a soldier speak out against the war on an Army post and to mostly retired soldiers. Then he spoke about how the catholic church is a minority with these beliefs and there has always been power in the minority. African Americans were an enslaved minority but because of their presence the civil war took place. Then he spoke about why some people feel it is ok to allow evil if it will do some good in the long run. I listen to three different sermons every Sunday. I wonder if listening to three different sermons each week effects how I think. The third sermon is about unanswered prayer. He read the lyrics to the Garth Brooks song, "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayer." My favorite sermon today didnt come from a chaplain it came from a really old usher who goes outside to smoke ciggarettes during the sermon. He asked me how my week went to which I replied, It was pretty good....I can't complain." Then he said, "I was listening to a sermon this morning on the radio and the pastor said we need to look at the positive things that are happening in our life and not always dwell on the negative." Then he said, "I wish someone would have told me that fifty years ago I may have had a happeir life." So I had to come back and change todays post a bit. I started out wanting to complain about how much I hate chapel duty but I am truly gratefull that I have a job. I have great health, and every now and then joy sets over me unexplainably. Sometimes I even have fun.