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Monday, June 06, 2005

The toys children love

The last week in June was my daughters 2nd birthday. I thought long and hard about what type of gift would make her smile on her birthday. First I bough a 100 dollar trailer that hooks on the back of my beach cruiser so she could ride along. Then my mom went and bought a 70 dollar slide from TOYS R US. Then we bought a 30 dollar tricyce. Then we bought special bubble makers and a small grocery cart. We bought several magnet toys and several different sizes of singing Barneys. So there I sat after all the gifts were unwrapped watching my daughter play with her favorite toy.....The protective popcorn and box that the gift came in. Why is it that we as adult put a dollar value on what we think will be fun. I wish I could take delight in such a simple thing. In fact I did do just that. I spend much time "making it snow" in her bedroom and making a huge mess out of the packing supply. It can be so much fun to sit back and wonder what your children will become. My wife has said she will be a musician. I have said she will be an artist. I wonder what my parents envisioned for me?


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