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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Don't shoot me...I want to kill myself

Today on Fox News there was a man in southern California who was running from police on the freeway in a white minivan with two loaded weapons. He had apparently kidnapped and threatened someone with his weapons. The police put up a spike strip and his tires were blown. He continued driving on just the rims for a while until he lost control. The police continued to tell him to get out of the car but he never did. He just sat there with two guns pointed at his head. Swat vans were moved in on the scene and they even tried using robotic arms to get a cell phone to him. None of the police wanted to risk their own lives and approach the vehicle, but he wasn't pointing the guns at them either so they couldn't justify shooting him. The ended up throwing a smoke grenade in the van and sending in a dog to drag him out of the van. What a moron. I would be so angry if I was stuck in that traffic and it made me late to work, or late to anywhere for that matter. I wish police had the technology to shock him inside of his vehicle or some other time saving technique. Car chases happen all the time and it amazes me that we as tax payers haven't decided it is worth the money to install devices on police cars that can stop this madness quickly. Police need something that disables a cars operation and this technology is available. In cases like this I think police should have the right to shoot someone after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Its not like the person wouldn't get fair warning. Lets say there was a 10 minute time limit on warnings. As the time grew to a close you would simply count down. You have 2 minutes to comply with the law or you will be shot....You have one minute to comply with the law or you will be shot...Etc. If they shot him we would call it suicide because obviously the person was to much of a coward to take his own life. Of course I understand that there is value in a human life and no one wants to shoot another man, but with such blatant disregard for the safety of others, and with obvious violations of the law and a disrespect and disobedience to officers of the law the ...That criminal has diminished his value. A judge came on the news and said that with his type of crimes he could expect no less that 15 years behind bars if he has no previous offenses. His life is over anyways. That's just how I feel.


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