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Friday, June 10, 2005

Directing anger

For the last 3 years or so (with the exception of the year I spent in Iraq) I have lived in El Paso, Texas. This is town that is located right next the the border of Mexico. A while back I was driving home and read a bumper sticker on a truck that read, "Don't shoot...I'm not a terrorist..I'm a Mexican!" This was humorous to me for several different reasons. The first reason is because Texas is know for its gun carrying citizens. Many people carry guns for purposes of hunting and self protection. Most Hispanics I have met are very hard working people who are willing to perform tedious manual labor that many American citizens are unwilling to do. There skin color is very similar in complexion to Arabic people so it is easy to see the how confusion would result. The humor comes in when you realize that Americans have become so angered at terrorist they misdirect their anger onto innocent people. This morning I was watching the news and the mayor of a town in Northern California was talking about the Muslim community in his town. They recently found that one of the citizens there had training with Al Queda and his father lied to authorities when questioned to cover up this fact. The mayor of this town was worried about the safety of the 2,600 Muslim people residing in his town. It seems that some people in their anger have a difficult time separating terrorist from the general Muslim population. Of course I struggle controlling the impulses of my own anger when soldiers continue to die in Iraq. I never get angry enough to attack innocent civilians as others may but the saying, "not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorist have been Muslims" replays in my head at times. I wish I knew how to make this problem of fearing terrorist in our home land to go away but I simply do not have the answer. I found myself wondering what the global implications would be if we decided to nuke Iraq or Iran this morning. I imagine there would be global outrage at the carnage. This type of action would only be justified in the minds of most if another huge attack occurs in the states similar to the 9-11 attacks in NY. So we sit and wait for our water to be poisoned or our school children's food to be tampered with. What will it take to wake the sleeping giant that is America and the UN? I hope we never realize that answer. I don't think anyone wants to see a repeat of what happened in Japan with the wiping out of a huge portion of people. But there are those who argue it saved more lives then it cost. The Japanese surrendered.


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