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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Today is my last official day at work. I have re-enlisted for reassignment to the San Antonio Texas area. While I cannot quite say that I am sad because I know this unit will be deploying once again pretty soon...I will miss some of the people. Time to begin the huge job of packing up the possessions and outprocessing. Outprocessing in the military is such an ordeal that you are allotted 10 working days to do it. You must go around and acquire a signature from just about everyone stating that you owe them nothing. At least it gives you a good chance to say goodbye. I am purchasing my first home and am very excited about that. It is 2,575 sq feet and made of brick. The floors are wooden and it has an open kitchen plan where I can talk to my wife while she is in the kitchen. The master bedroom has two walk in closets! Oh enough bragging....But it is an amazing house. I am no longer allowed to perform Physical training with my unit. I don't know if this is because they just don't care if you are fit when they are losing you or because they want you to be able to make your early appointments. Nothing is open at 600 in the morning anyways what appointments could you be missing? I am leaning towards the we don't care about you anymore because you are not going to be ours any longer.

I am a bit nervous about new supervisors and subordinates. Who you work with makes such a huge difference in what goes on at work and how much you enjoy it. I am hoping for a really laid back boss and hard working subordinates. Really hard working wouldn't be as important as having soldiers who stay out of trouble and can show up on time, in the right place, in the right uniform. It doenst sound difficult but I am always suprized how many cant do that. Well seven minutes remain in my work day. How pathetic is it that everyone else leaves at four but I stick around until five just because my boss does. I think I may have some issues when it comes to being controlled. Anyway I spent a lot of time looking at questions that people have wanted answered on google today. There are some interesting ones. I became aware that there is a web site called "a small world" where you have to be invited to be a member. I became sort of jealous that I wasn't a member and hadn't been invited but not jealous enough to begin asking friends if they happened to be a member. It is probably pretty overrated. The grass is always greener on the other side. Well what can I say with 3 minutes left in my day....I know....Bye. It will take me that long to log off. No spell check today...No time


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