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Monday, March 14, 2005

How quickly we become complacent

I just remembered that I have a blog today so I figured I would add a quick post. I am back in the states now and hope not to go back to Iraq anytime soon. I saw more death and dying than anyone should see. The other night I was sitting on my couch watching American Idol and eating Dryers Ice cream "girl scout cookie flavor" and it occurred to me that I assimilated back to the American way of life so fast. A fat American sitting on the couch and stuffing his face. Well I have been doing that for almost 30 years now....Old habits are hard to break. Lately I have been trying to take notice of the smaller things in life and really cherish the moments as they happen. For example when I get home from work my daughter says, "Check the mail?" You see I have been stopping by the mail box and "planting" candy for her because it is really fun to see her get excited over it. She thinks that the mail man is absolutely magical. The other thing that is magical to her is the moon. We go outside and sing to the moon every night. The song goes, "hey Mr. Moon won't you come out and play with me tonight." She is learning some Barney songs and the itsy bitsy spider song. Her ABCs and 123s. These are the precious moments in life. The small things That I like to pay attention to are the way her hair is so frayed on the back of her head because she sleeps on it, and how she says six...."siffen" I cant remember when I have been so exited at someone drawing a circle. These type of things only a parent would understand.


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