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Monday, December 06, 2004

What is really needed?

As my one year deployment draws closer to the ending point, I have observed something that has grabbed my attention. During our year in Iraq we have received a generous supply of toiletries, clothing, junk food, and candy from the US. There has been a table set up in the enlisted living quarters where many of these items were placed so that soldiers could pick them up when the were running out of soap or needed snack food. The chain of command has begun to conduct inspections of living quarters so we can make sure we have a tidy barracks to turn over to the incoming unit, and that we are making good use of the space that we have. During the course of room inspections it has become very apparent that some soldiers hoarded the free supplies. A few rooms in particular have enough space for four soldiers to sleep in but only two soldiers will fit because half of the room is taken up with shaving cream and baby wipes. The order has been given that soldiers will only have a 30 day supply of sundries. What I find so amusing about this situation is that it really correlates to how so many people live their lives.

People amass wealth and buy bigger and bigger houses. Its not difficult to find a 35 thousand dollar SUV. My brother just bought a $400,000 dollar home in California. He is killing himself to make those mortgage payments. People buy fishing boats, and RVs without much thought. My point is that when I leave Iraq, I have to leave with no more than I came in with. It is the same in life. We cant take all our stuff with us, so why are we killing ourselves to acquire it? Prestige? Comfort? Greed? Maybe. I like this simple reminder that Iraq has given me......In the end all the material possessions just take up space. It is the memories you have created and how you have treated others that last.


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