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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Slamming doors or car bomb?

Saturdays have become my day off. Not in a sense that I don't go to work. I am deployed remember? I go to work to check e-mail and read all the great blogs I have run across. Sometimes I go to work just because it gets lonely in my room and after watching a few movies on my DVD player you dont feel like being alone. On Saturdays I usually sleep in until I just can't sleep any longer. This is a luxury that my daughter would not afford me if I was home. Around 9:30 my door rattled violently on the hinges. I live in a very overcrowded barracks so people slam doors all night and my mind has grown accustomed to sleeping through the slamming of doors. When a car bomb goes off it is two or three times louder than a slammed door. This weeks car bomb was supposed to be 800 pounds and killed 14 people. It seems they are going after the police stations now so that Iraqi people wont want to sign on with the police force. The explosions always seem to be 3 or 4 blocks away. I feel so lucky not to have been hurt here yet. On a much lighter note I sent my wife to go see my mom for Thanksgiving. My wife is in Texas and my mom is in California. My daughter has spoken her first 3 word sentence. "Roxy pops bubbles." Roxy is our cat and apparently she likes to pop bubbles. My wife taught our daughter how to say, "Dads home." That will be nice for our reunion.

Today was communion Sunday at church. When I was growing up I was allowed to take communion when I became of the "age of reason." The communion I took as a child consisted of Welchs grape juice and a wafer. Since joining the Army my worship experience has become somewhat varied. It is my job to be the first one at the chapel in the morning and be the last one to leave in the mid afternoon. I have attended Catholic, Protestant, Gospel and Jewish services on a weekly basis for going on 9 years now. Each service has something about it I enjoy. The catholic service is very reverent and quiet when entering the building....This shows a true fear or respect of God in my opinion. The Protestants give far more than the Catholics in the offering plate but demand much more in return. Such as marriage retreats and refreshments (coffee, kool-aid, and tea, cookies) The Gospel service gives more than the Catholic and Prostestants combined in the offering plate but I feels like more of a show sometimes then church. The biggest perk about the Friday night Jewish service was that they drank shots of alcohol after saying some type of prayer that I didn't understand. They always gave me a cup and included me in their evening Kosher meal even though they knew I wasn't Jewish. Every now and then I would mention Christ just to play devils advocate and they would kindly reply, "Jesus was a Jew too." I say all this because today when the communion plate was passed by my seat I had the choice of drinking wine or the "non fermented" Welch grape juice. I chose the wine for the first time and as I felt the burning sensation down my throat I thought back to my Friday night Jewish friends.


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