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Sunday, December 05, 2004


I just read half of Lance Armstrongs "Journey Back to Life" book. What a great read. I knew that he had testicular cancer, but I had no idea he had cancer in his lungs and brain. I guess he is the best on bike because he has a greater lung capacity and a high threshold for pain. I also didn't know how much of a team sport that cycling is. They talked about how it takes a whole team for one person to win...To block wind and all. Lance also has a great relationship with his mom. I don't know if I will finish the book though. I know it sounds kind of strange after bragging about it, but I never finish what I start. The last book I read "American Soldier" by General Tommy Franks. I finished 496 pages and the book has 568. It was a great book in that General Franks was adopted and dropped out of college, but was still able to rise up in the ranks. He took orders directly from the President to go to war with Iraq. His days in Vietnam were more interesting to me then all the political talk. I am already looking forward to my next book. I am going to read Hillary Clintons book. Not because I really care about what she has to say politically, but because I am interested in how she felt when her husband cheated on her and lied about it to the general public, and why she stood by his side when the US was talking about Impeachment. I am sure I will get more out of it than that, but I have to be honest about why I picked it up. I could have never told you that Tommy Franks was so poor as a child that his dad would ask him to borrow money from the cashier at the local town store, or that Lance Armstrong almost quit riding at one point because he thought he was no good at it. But these are the things that shock you in the middle of a story. The book I read before Tommy Franks book was The Da Vinci Code. It was great because everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Well I am beginning to bore myself. If you have any suggestions for after I read the Clinton book...I am open to suggestions.


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