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Thursday, October 14, 2004

something very non war topic

Every day and every hour I wonder what will blow up next and how close that something will be to me. Today I dont want to write about war but something else....anything else. I am going to write about family. We all live in situations that are I guess you could say "different". I have heard people joke that they come from a dysfunctional family and even more people joke about bad in-laws. My family has become fairly interesting. My parents raised me in a very strict religious environment. Through high school (up to age 18) I was not allowed to go to school dances, listen to the radio, or go to movies that were R rated. I could not curse, and even when I got old enough drinking alchohol was strictly prohibitied and frowned upon. I had no problem adhering to these rules until my Father decided to leave my Mother and decided that none of these rules applied. Now when I go visit my father he offers me a beer, which at first was a bit like drinking a beer with.....I dont know like Billy Ghram or the pope or something. Now what I failed to ever stop and think about until recently was my dads life. You see dad fought two tours in Vietnam where he couted bodies as an MP then he went on to do 30 years with the Sheriff Dept where he had assignment with Vice and SWAT teams. What I am getting at is that dad dealt with the scum of society for most of his life. Somehow over the course of time having a beer probably didnt seem like such a bad think in comparison to oh maybe murder, child molestation, drugs, and illegal behavior. Then there is my mom who had had a really hard time moving on. Understandably she was hurt but still it has been 10 years now and she still seems hurt and barely able to get close to another person. Now on to my dear brother. This type of environment has made him have a great sense of humor. He can make you laugh in the most desperate of situations. Why it didnt have that effect on me....I dont know. I think I have a bit more synical view of the world now. I just wonder if other families have the same kind of oddities mine does. I am pretty sure they do.


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